•    Masters Degree in Social Work, North Carolina State University
•    Bachelors Degree in Social Work, East Carolina University

A clinically licensed social worker since 2001, Carol has over 30 years experience in medical social work, 6 years in a hospital setting, and 26 years with a hospice program. This background allows her to assess needs and determine care plans within the bio-psychosocial-spiritual system.  In addition, she is familiar with the resources in this area and can easily advocate for services as indicated.  As a clinically licensed social worker she is able to provide couples and individual therapy in their home, if desired.

Carol Bennett, LCSW

Aging Life Care Professional

Andrew Zeldin, MS Gerontology


Aging Life Care Professional

​•    Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, UNCW

With 10 years experience as an International Adoption Program Manager, Nikki brings a unique background to Assistance for Life Care Management.  Her involvement in over 700 child placements gave her invaluable experience guiding families through important life transitions.  She understands the importance of handling time sensitive and emotionally charged information with calm and compassionate professionalism.  Nikki is eager to see Assistance for Life Care Management reach the many people in need of care throughout eastern North Carolina.  With her support and customer service skills, we are sure our care managers will be positioned to excel.

Nikki Zeldin

Business Development



& persons with disabilities 

​​in southeastern, NC 

•    Masters Degree in Gerontology, UNCW

•    Geriatric Care Management Graduate Certificate, University of Florida

Andrew Zeldin founded Assistance for Life Care Management in January, 2013 as he was finishing his Masters Degree in Gerontology at UNCW.  Andrew's experience as a teenager included a time when his grandmother, Edith, lived at the family home. Andrew observed his parents managing her care, and those experiences helped shape his views on the way all members of society should be looked after.  Andrew's goal in founding Assistance for Life Care Management was to help older adults and their families navigate the myriad of issues related to aging.  Whether it be transitioning from one living environment to another, or one state of health and well-being to another, Assistance for Life aims to guide clients through difficult decisions in a professional and personal way.